All Natural Squirrel Repellent 32 oz ready-to-use

No more squirrels - guaranteed

Prevent squirrel, raccoon and chipmunk damage with this all-natural spray that repels based on taste and smell. Protect flowers, bulbs, landscaping, garbage cans, planters, outdoor furniture, even house siding.

Made with garlic, castor, lemongrass, clove and cedar oils.

Item: SQ32
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• Ready-to-use
• Reapply repellent every 2-4 weeks
• Areas with heavy squirrel pressure may require more frequent applications
• Squirrels cause most of their damage early in the morning. Apply the repellent in the evening
• Apply repellent to dry surfaces. Repellent will adhere to the surface and give it long lasting effectiveness and rain resistance
• Not for use on bird feeders or edibles
• Shelf life is 2 years
• Made in USA

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