Bill's Perfect Fertilizer® gallon

Bill's Perfect Fertilizer® gallon

An Organic Fertilizer So Complete, Plants Think It’s Perfect

Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer feeds your plants a healthy diet not the “junk food” in synthetic fertilizers. Our fertilizer is produced by a process that preserves the quality of its natural ingredients, so your plants are healthier and have prolific blooms. It’s the only fertilizer you need for all your plants – flowers, vegetables, fruits, shrubs, trees, and houseplants.

Created by our founder Bill Muskopf, chemist and avid gardener, Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is made of hydrolyzed fish, organic calcium, sugar cane, humus, seaweed and more. At 6-11-5, it’s the perfect ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK).

Spray Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer on the leaves of plants, called foliar feeding, or root drench every 1-2 weeks. Mix with Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients for even better results.(one mixed quart treats 125-200 sq. ft.) Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is a product in the complete nutrition Perfect Blend Kit.

Use alone or mix with Spray-N-Grow Micronutrient. for amazing results. Bill’s Perfect Fertilizer is a key component in the complete nutrition Perfect Blend Kit. Concentrate. Made in U.S.A. (makes 256 gallons or 1,024 quarts)

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