Copper Fungicide 16 oz attaches to hose

All-natural Copper Fungicide controls more than 25 diseases

Copper has been used by gardeners for many years to control garden diseases safely and effectively. Our liquid and dust formulas attack an extensive list of blights, mildews, spots, rusts and many others

Safe for vegetables, ornamentals, fruits, lawns and more. Use up to the day of harvest. For more product information, see details below.

Alternaria Blight, Angular Leaf Spot, Anthracnose, Bacterial Blight Common, Bacterial Blight Halo, Bacterial Speck, Black Rot (Xanthomas) Blue Mold, Botrytis Blight, Botrytis Species, Cane Spot, Cercospora Early Blight, Cercospora Leaf Spot, Coryneum Blight, Crown Spots, Early Blight, Fire Blight, Fruit Rot, Grape Powdery Mildew, Gray Mold, Leaf Blight, Leaf Spots Species, Pin Rot, Potato Blight, Powdery Mildew Species, Scab, Stem Spot

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• Ready-to-spray, attaches to hose
• Repeat 7-10 days as needed
• Use up to the day of harvest
• Shelf life is indefinite

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