Rootshield Home & Garden 4oz bag

Rootshield Home & Garden 4oz bag

Naturally prevent fungal diseases that start in your soil

Fungal diseases can grow in your soil and attack the roots of plants, affecting the growth of the entire plant. Root Shield prevents root diseases of vegetable, flower and ornamental plants. It uses a beneficial fungus that forms a natural barrier on roots to prevent diseases from attacking them. Protects your plants from roots to leaves (see list of diseases below). Use on seeds, transplants, new beds, established beds or potted plants. Drench soil at planting or during growing season. Safe to use up to the day of harvest. Apply every 3 months. OMRI Listed. (covers up to 200 sq. ft.)

Prevents root diseases such as Cylindrocladium, Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, and Thielaviospsis.

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