WonderSoil Potting Mix 2 lb bag

Get 14 quarts of nutrient-rich planting mix

Just add water and the 2 lb. bag of WonderSoil expands to 14 quarts of nutrient rich planting mix.

Promotes faster germination, stronger roots, and exceptional plant growth. Saves up to 50% of water. Made with natural renewable coir, worm castings, kelp, humus, compost, mycorrhizae plus water-saving polymers.

Use in vegetable gardens, flower beds & containers. Mix what you need, reseal the bag. Lightweight. Easy to store.

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• 2 lb. bag makes 14 quarts
• Approximately 6 cups per pound
• Lightweight, easy to store
• Store in original container in a cool, dry place
• Shelf life is printed on bag
• Made in USA

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