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Stop blossom end rot before it starts


Calcium is often called “gardeners’ best kept secret”. This vital nutrient is needed in large amounts by most plants, especially fruits and vegetables. Foli-Cal contains 10% calcium which prevents and corrects:

•Blossom end rot in tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, citrus and melons
•Bitter pit and cracking in apples and other tree fruit
•Cavity spot on carrots
•Internal browning in potatoes, Brussels sprouts, other vegetables and grapes

Calcium is also necessary for root development and helps plants recover from stress. With 10% calcium, Foli-Cal provides this necessary nutrient in an easily absorbed form unlike most calcium found in soils. Apply as foliar spray every 2 weeks. Concentrate. (gallon makes 85 gallons)

gallon concentrate


Price: $64.95