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Repel animals three ways - by touch, taste and smell


Rid your property of many annoying animals with a single product! With one sniff, taste or touch, Repels-All triggers animals’ natural instinct to escape, driving critters to leave quickly. The name says it all; Repels-All effectively repels deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, dogs, cats, raccoons, porcupines, armadillos, birds, rats, mice, beavers, groundhogs, skunks, voles, moles and shrews. Use around plants, patios, decks, sheds and more. Safe around children and pets. Lasts up to 2 months, even after rain. Use year-round. Made in U.S.A. Ready-to-use.

32 oz ready-to-use


Price: $16.95

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