Clone It Kit

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Included Products:

Heavy Duty Ratchet Pruner

Olivia's Cloning Gel 2oz

Clone your favorite plants to share with friends and family

Share your treasured flowers, ornamentals, heirloom fruits, and vegetable plants by cloning them. With the Ratchet Pruner, take cuttings from indoor/outdoor plants and immediately dip them in Olivia's Cloning Gel to quickly and completely create a seal to reduce transplant shock and stimulate strong root development.

Cloning Gel
• Easier to use than powders and liquids
• Ideal for stem, leaf, softwood, semi-hard
• Propagates some hardwood cuttings
• Store in cool place or refrigerator
• Expires in one year
• Made in USA

Ratchet Pruner
• 8 inches long
• Rust-free aluminum handles
• Steel blades with non-stick coating
• Lifetime warranty

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