Spray-N-Grow 8oz & Sprayer Kit

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Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients 8 oz

360 Sprayer 32oz

Our Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients 8oz + customer favorite 360° Sprayer-32oz

Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients is a unique blend of 17 naturally occurring micronutrients that is proven to produce:

• more, larger, earlier blooms
• bigger, tastier fruits and vegetables
• stronger, healthier plants with larger roots

Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients is "like vitamins for your plants" and is made with natural ingredients, non-toxic and safe for people, plants, and animals.
Paired with the 360° Sprayer, applying the Spray-N-Grow is simple and easy. You can spray at any angle, even upside down with this sprayer. Every drop is used so nothing is wasted. The nozzle adjusts from stream to spray.
For more product information, see details below.

Cannot be shipped to Oregon

• Concentrate. Makes 32 quarts
• One mixed quart treats 125-250 sq. ft.
• Dilution rate: 2 teaspoons of Spray-N-Grow concentrate to one quart of warm water
• Apply every 1-3 weeks
• Apply with a sprayer that makes a fine mist
• Can NOT be used in a hose-end sprayer
• Can be used up to the day of harvest
• Use in conjunction with fertilizer, we recommend our Bill's Perfect Fertilizer
• Apply early in the morning or late in the evening
• Can be used year-round
• Concentrate does not expire, indefinite shelf life
• Made in USA

360 Sprayer
• Sprays in all directions including upside down
• Patented pump empties bottle regardless of position
• 32 oz. bottle
• Adjustable nozzle - Fine mist to stream

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