Mite X 32 oz ready-to-use

Mite X 32 oz ready-to-use

Kill and control mites and aphids outdoors and inside

Mite-X kills mites, thrips and aphids on contact (see list below). Safe to use. Made from botanical cottonseed, clove and garlic extracts. Use on vegetables, fruits, nuts, vine crops, berries, herbs spices, ornamentals, greenhouse plants and indoor plants.

Kills including but not limited to: Mites (bulb, cyclamen, strawberry spider, Pacific spider, European red, Texas six-spotted spider, two- spotted spider, spruce spider, southern red, Willamette, Persea, rust and silver); Thrips (avocado, banded greenhouse, citrus, greenhouse, onion, bean, flower, western flower); Aphids (asparagus, bean, brown ambrosia, buckthorn, cabbage or turnip, green peach, honeysuckle, leafcurl plum, lettuce root, melon, onion, pea, potato and tulip)

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