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Foliar Feeding

Foliar Feeding, spraying nutrients on the leaves of plants, is more effective and efficient than pouring products on roots of plants.

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I grew up eating molasses mixed with butter on toast or biscuits. My grandmother made “Egg Butter” by mixing molasses, egg, cinnamon, and butter in a skillet, cooking it until … (read article)

More Than a Pretty Face: Flowers in the Edible Garden

By now, I’m sure you all have realized that I am a huge fan of growing food in whatever space is available. As the saying goes, #growfoodnotlawns. But if you … (read article)


“I've been using Spray-N-Grow for years. This year I tried Bill's Perfect Fertilizer and Spray-N-Grow once a week, WOW what a difference.”

Barbara Buster (Muscatine, Iowa)

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