Physan 20 gallon

Physan 20 gallon

Fungus free plants in 20 minutes

Eco-friendly Physan 20 kills microorganisms that cause fungus, mildew, algae and odors on contact. Spray on seedlings, flowers, shrubs, trees and lawns to eradicate algae, kill mildew, to cure fungal lawn diseases and so much more! Safely controls algae in fountains, pools, non-fish ponds and birdbaths. Disinfect cutting tools and pots to keep from spreading disease from plant to plant. An effective and economical product, Physan 20 biodegrades in two days with no residual trace. Due to its chemical makeup, it has an EPA required label and warning. However, we know it is an excellent product (Bill has used it for years) and is very safe, when used as directed. Physan 20's directions include an extensive list of places you can use it in and around your home-you can even use in your swimming pool to kill algae! (makes up to 96 gallons)

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