Consan 20 gallon concenrate

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Fungus Free Plants in 20 minutes

Eco-friendly Consan 20 (formally Physan 20 & Triple Action 20) kills microorganisms that cause fungus, mildew and algae.

An effective and economical product, Consan 20 (formally Physan 20 & Triple Action 20) biodegrades in two days with no residual trace. Due to its chemical makeup, it has a required EPA-required label and warning. It is an excellent product (Bill has used it for years) and is very safe when used as directed.

Seedlings- Damping off and downy mildew

Ornamentals- Anthracnose, bacterial leaf spot, black spots, botrytis, brown canker, bud rot, canker rot, carnation rot, crown gall, crown rot, downy mildew, gray mold, heart rot, leaf blights, leaf base rot, leaf spot, penicillium, phyllosticta blight, powdery mildew, rust, root rot, top rot, stem gall, stem rot, wilt

Lawn- dollar spot, fusarium blight, leaf spot, brown patch & fading out

Cutting tools, benches & pots- Disinfect keep from spreading diseases

Fountains, pools, non-fishponds, birdbaths, swimming pools- Algae, mildew
• Concentrate
• Gallon makes 425 gallons
• Dilution rate: 1.5 oz. per 5 gallons of water
• Safe to use up to the day of harvest
• Shelf life is 8 years

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