Garden Insect Spray 16oz concentrate

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Stop insects and worms from eating plants' leaves

Garden Insect Spray kills worms, moths & insects that eat the leaves and fruits of your plants. Also kills fire ants! Fast acting, insects die within 1-2 days. Made with Spinosad, a naturally occurring soil bacteria that's toxic to insects. Use on vegetables, fruit, flowers, and lawns. OMRI Listed.

Kills or suppresses: Beetles (leaf-eating), Borers, Caterpillars (leaf-eating, Fire ants, Fruit flies, Katydids, Leaf rollers, Leaf miners, Loopers, Moths, Sawflies Thrips, and Worms.
• Concentrate
• 16 oz. makes up to 32 quarts
• Dilution rate: 1 tablespoon per 32 oz. water
• Dilution rate: 4 tablespoon per gallon water
• OMRI Listed
• Apply when pests are present
• Shelf life is 8 years
• Made in the USA

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