Bonide Hose End Sprayer

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Add product, set dial, and spray

Our Hose-End Sprayer makes it easy to apply concentrates to large areas. Add product to the sprayer, no measuring. Attach to hose. Set the dial from 1 tsp. to 6 oz. per gallon. The product is mixed automatically with water at the proper dilution. Color of sprayer may vary.

Flat, bullet or gentle spray patterns. Use with Bill's Perfect Fertilizer, Take Down, Foli-Cal, and Bill's Perfect Lawn Fertilizer Liquid.
• 12 dilution settings from 1 tsp. to 6 oz. per gallon
• Three spray patterns - flat fan for lawns, straight stream for tall trees, and gentle shower for tender foliage and blooms
• Unused concentrate can be returned to the original container
• Can NOT be used with Perfect Blend Kit & Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients
• 1-year warranty

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