Garden Gypsum 6lb bag granular

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Provide calcium to plants with once-a-season gypsum

Gypsum contains an amazing 20% calcium. Plants need calcium to avoid deficiencies that cause blossom-end rot, bitter pit, cavity spot, cracking, internal browning and more.

Gypsum also loosens clay soils improving water and air penetration. Promotes root growth. Helps repair salt damage. Apply to soil once a season. Breaks downs quickly when watered in. National Organic Program Compliant.
  • Granular (Powder)
  • Covers 30 sq. ft.
  • Use any time during the growing season
    • Garden Beds: 6lbs. per 30 Sq. ft.
    • Shrubs: 3 lbs. (5 ¼ Cups) per plant
    • Flowers: 1 lb. (1 ¾ cups) per plant
    • Lawns: 36 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. Double the rate for exceptionally heavy clay
  • For garden applications, sprinkle evenly on the soil surface
  • For lawns, broadcast spreader is recommended
  • Always water following the application
  • Shelf life is indefinite
  • National Organic Program Compliant
  • Made in USA

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