Stop Fungus Kit- Small

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Included Products:

Revitalize 32oz ready-to-use

Copper Fungicide 32oz ready-to-use

Double up to prevent and control plant diseases

Fungus and plant diseases are hard to identify. We recommend using both Revitalize Biofungicide and Copper Fungicide. Revitalize triggers a plants' immune system and Copper attacks diseases on plants' leaves, stems, and in soil. Alternate applications every 2 to 4 weeks. Both products are safe for people, plants, and pets.
• Revitalize - Ready-to-use 32 oz.
• Copper Fungicide- Ready-to-use 32 oz.
• Alternate application of products every 2 to 4 weeks
• Use up to day of harvest
• Shelf life is indefinite
• Revitalize- Made in USA

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