Ultimate Garden Kit
with Small Perfect Blend Kit

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Included Products:

Spray-N-Grow Micronutrients 16oz

Bill's Perfect Fertilizer 6-11-5 8oz

Foli-Cal 16oz concentrate

Coco-Wet Wetting Agent 4oz

Tuff Tote 11 Gallon

Pump-Up Sprayer 64oz

Pump-Up Sprayer 32oz

Revitalize 16oz concentrate

Take Down Garden Spray 16oz concentrate

Repels-All 32oz concentrate

DeadWeed & Grass Killer 16oz concentrate

Get every garden bestseller on this page!

Our Ultimate Garden Kit is our complete garden kit AND saves you up to $70. Features eight of our bestselling, all-natural or organic products that are customer and staff favorites. These best sellers are packed in a very useful 11 gallon garden tub that's totally FREE (a $17.95 value). We'll also add a FREE 64 oz. Pump-up Sprayer (a $21.95 value) PLUS the entire kit ships for FREE (up to a $34 value).

Ideal for new and lifelong gardeners and anyone who wants to start the season with the very best garden products safe for people, plants and pets. Makes the perfect gift!

Small Perfect Blend Kit
Take Down Garden Insect Spray, 16 oz. concentrate
Repels-All, 32 oz. concentrate
Dead Weed & Grass Killer, 16 oz. concentrate
Revitalize Biofungicide, 16 oz. concentrate
Foli-Cal, 16 oz. concentrate
Garden Tub, 11 gallon
Pump-Up Sprayer, 64 oz.
Pump-Up Sprayer, 32 oz.

Cannot ship to Oregon. Product will be removed before processing.

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