Skeeter Mace 40oz concentrate

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Kill mosquitoes, ticks, fleas & ants - organically

Enjoy gardening and relaxing outdoors without annoying mosquitoes, gnats, flies, chiggers - even dangerous ticks - ruining the fun. Spray all-natural Skeeter Mace on lawns, shrubs, landscaping, and around patios and pools every two weeks. Kills all stages of insects' life cycle. Made with essential oils and natural botanicals. Does not harm bees or butterflies.

Bonide Hose End Sprayer
• Concentrate
• 40 oz covers 1.15 acres
• Mix 4 oz per gallon
• Spray once every 7-15 days, depending on weather or as needed
• Apply early morning or evening, before or after peak sun to avoid rapid evaporation
• Does not harm bees or butterflies
• Apply with a Hose End Sprayer
• Shelf life is 5 years
• Made in USA

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